10TX OR Tambo Precinct - Office Park & Cargo Terminal

Aviation + Transportation Planning + Urban Design Retail Offices

This multifaceted urban design and architectural endeavor, located in Johannesburg, South Africa, stands as a crucial component of the OR Tambo Airport extension Master Plan. The project encompasses a Cargo Terminal Facility, a Residential Complex, and a Retail space, each element a testament to the nuanced expertise in Master Planning by architect Gustavo Triana-Martínez.

The Cargo Terminal Facility, designed with efficiency and logistics in mind, responds robustly to the dynamic weather patterns of Johannesburg. The use of sustainable materials and advanced technology mitigates the area's temperature extremes and seasonal rains, while the design integrates transparent workflows and secure zones necessary for modern cargo handling.

Adjacent to the bustling transit hub, the Residential Complex is a portrait of tranquility, offering a juxtaposition to the nearby industrial activity. Through the strategic use of green roofs, communal courtyards, and native landscaping, the complex provides a serene living environment that speaks to the cultural background of the region with its communal ethos and emphasis on outdoor living.

The Retail space within this Master Plan is envisioned as a vibrant marketplace, featuring both global and local brands. It is designed to become a new social heart for the area, where commerce and culture seamlessly blend, reflecting Johannesburg's unique character as a melting pot of influences.

The architectural resolution of the entire plan articulates a narrative of growth and functionality, with each building being contextually relevant yet distinctly contemporary. Architect Gustavo Triana-Martínez has created an ecosystem that is not only a place of transit but a destination in itself, promising growth, connectivity, and an enriched community experience for both residents and international visitors.

Project name
10TX OR Tambo Precinct - Office Park & Cargo Terminal
Aviation - Offices - Retail - Urban Design
Johannesburg - South Africa
Concept Design