Memorial Park - Pablo Escobar infamous Monaco Building

Civic + Cultural Planning + Urban Design

This visionary concept proposes a memorial park in Medellín, Colombia, where the infamous building of Pablo Escobar once existed. The design of this park is a beautiful blend of modern architecture and natural surroundings. It features organic shapes, meandering paths, and lush greenery that invite visitors to reflect and contemplate. The walkways and pavilions are gracefully curved, symbolizing the resilience and flow of life, while the tropical foliage and soaring palms pay tribute to the city's unique landscape. The park is much more than just a passageway; it aims to provide a transformative experience, leading visitors towards collective memory and healing. The park honours the victims and marks the city's commitment to peace and progress.

Project name
Memorial Park - Pablo Escobar infamous Monaco Building
Medellín | Colombia