Fluxus Residential Building


This contemporary residential building in Bogotá presents a compelling architectural statement, designed to cater to the modern city dweller. Its façade is a tapestry of patterned brickwork, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits in terms of privacy and light control. The building's staggered volumes create dynamic geometric forms that break the monotony of urban landscapes, while expansive windows break through the masonry, connecting the residents with the vibrant life of the city and inviting natural light deep into the living spaces.

The ground floor carport hints at a thoughtful consideration of the residents' practical needs, carefully integrated into the overall design without sacrificing style or substance. The building's silhouette is capped with a distinctive sloped roof, a modern interpretation of traditional housing in the region, giving it a unique presence in the neighborhood.

Inside, the apartments are designed with an emphasis on open spaces and clean lines, promoting a sense of calm and order amid the bustling cityscape. The use of natural materials in the interior not only reflects the external character but also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, crucial for residential settings.

The building stands as a testament to the innovative use of traditional materials and modern design principles, signifying a new chapter in Bogotá's residential architecture that honors its context while looking firmly to the future. Its commitment to aesthetic excellence and the wellbeing of its inhabitants makes it a noteworthy addition to the architectural landscape of the city and a meaningful contribution to the urban fabric of Bogotá.

Project name
Fluxus Residential Building
La Calera | Bogotá