Retirement House San Vicente de Paul


Nestled on the peripheries of Bogota, Colombia, this architectural ensemble offers a serene retreat for the Sisters of the San Vicente de Paul order. Designed with the dual intent of respecting the users' need for contemplation and accommodating the practicalities of retirement living, the project is a testament to thoughtful architectural articulation.

The sprawling layout meticulously harnesses the natural topography, allowing the buildings to spread organically across the site. This dispersion of structures promotes a sense of community while still honoring the need for personal space and quietude. The design's conscious decision to maintain a single-story profile addresses the mobility considerations of its elderly residents, ensuring comfort and accessibility throughout.

A defining feature of the development is its pristine white facade—an intentional choice that symbolizes the purity associated with the nuns' vocation. It serves not only as an aesthetic statement but also as a reflective surface to amplify natural light, thereby fostering an atmosphere of clarity and peace.

The interior spaces, bathed in the same luminous white, are punctuated by moments of rich wood textures and deep blue hues, subtly incorporating the order's colors. These interiors are characterized by simplicity and functionality, with views that frame the verdant outdoors, blurring the boundaries between the built and natural environments.

Complementing the architectural intent, the landscaping is minimal yet thoughtful, with patches of greenery that echo the surrounding rural tapestry. In the evening, the buildings emanate a warm glow, the clerestory windows acting as lanterns guiding the contemplative walk of the sisters.

This retirement house is not merely a place of residence; it is a spatial narrative of the lives it shelters—a harmonious blend of spirituality, simplicity, and graceful aging.

Project name
Retirement House San Vicente de Paul
Bogotá | Colombia