Titta House


In the verdant embrace of Centurion, South Africa, sits an architectural embodiment of modern luxury and privacy—an exquisite domicile designed for a family deeply appreciative of the country's balmy climes and the pleasures of alfresco living. The house is a symphony of stone, glass, and steel, its clean lines and organic materials merging to craft a contemporary haven.

The residence presents an arresting first impression with its bold façades and expansive glass windows that afford sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. The ingenious use of steel round columns offers a rhythmic contrast to the natural stone cladding, while the roof's pitch is masterfully reinterpreted to maintain the sleek appearance of a flat roof, thanks to the artful execution of multi-tiered thresholds.

Central to the home's allure is the captivating glass garden that greets visitors upon arrival—a transparent corridor that extends into the heart of the home as a living, breathing core of natural beauty. It's a flourish of design that blurs the boundary between inside and outside, a feature that captures the essence of surprise and delight.

Elegantly poised to capture the panoramic views of a nearby lake and golf course, the house's orientation is a meticulous calculation, allowing the inhabitants to drink in the scenic beauty while maintaining a cherished sense of seclusion. Volumetric design choices have been strategically employed not only for their aesthetic contributions but also for their functional role in the passive ventilation system, ensuring the internal comfort of the home remains consistently regulated by natural breezes.

Outdoor living spaces, including a well-appointed deck and a tranquil swimming pool, transition seamlessly from the home’s interior, extending the living space into the open air where family activities and relaxation take center stage. It's a design that acknowledges the indoor-outdoor lifestyle that is so intrinsic to the South African way of life.

This Centurion residence stands as a testament to contemporary architecture's ability to integrate luxury with functionality, offering a home that is as much a private retreat as it is a showcase of cutting-edge design and sustainability. It is a celebration of its locale, providing an intimate connection to the landscape while serving as a fortress of solitude and comfort for its dwellers.

Project name
Titta House
Pretoria | South Africa