La Calera House


Perched amidst the verdant embrace of La Calera’s lush landscapes in Colombia, this architectural marvel is a testament to harmonious coexistence with nature. Clad in the warmth of wood and the rustic charm of brickwork, the house is a celebration of traditional materials married with modern design. The skillful use of brick not only adds textural depth but also echoes the rich red earth that is characteristic of the region.

This residence is designed with respect to the topography; it follows the natural contours of the land, resulting in a stepped structure that ascends the slope. The hillside location provides a panoramic vista, allowing the dwelling to command sweeping views of the surrounding terrain. The extensive use of glass maximizes the intake of natural light and fosters an uninterrupted connection with the outdoors, blurring the lines between inside and out.

The careful positioning of the structure utilizes the sloping terrain to its advantage, creating multiple levels of interaction with the environment and offering various perspectives of the natural beauty from each vantage point. The integration of the building into the hillside minimizes its visual impact on the landscape, presenting an unobtrusive profile that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally considerate.

At dusk, the house transforms into a beacon of warmth, with its interior lighting casting a welcoming glow through the large windows, promising a refuge of comfort against the cool, mountain air. The use of local materials not only pays homage to the artisanal heritage of the area but also ensures that the house ages gracefully, its beauty maturing with time as it settles more profoundly into its natural setting.

Project name
La Calera House
La Calera | Colombia